Light as a Feather – VR Film



OBJECTIVE: How do you make VR a true storytelling medium? I don’t believe simply putting the viewer in the middle of the movie is enough to make it a viable alternative to traditional cinema. Virtual Reality is neither a game nor a film, but something that is completely unique. I want to explore the language of this new medium and find ways for the viewer to become part of the film instead of just an observer wearing a head mounted device.



Have you ever played Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board, Hard as a Rock? Well, you’re about to experience a rather terrifying version of it.

Light as a Feather blends traditional cinematic storytelling with the full immersion and interactive experience of Virtual Reality. In this horror movie you ARE the lead character. We also chose to play with the idea of reality. The first part of the film is built solely with assets composed in a Unity built environment. Then when you move into the “real” story, you find yourself at a 13-year-old girl’s slumber party shot with the Freedom 360 camera rig. Light as a Feather takes you on a terrifying ride where you live the experience instead of simply watching it.

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The project was made this past fall at the NYC VR Lab sponsored by Samsung. I wrote and directed the film. Our crew was composed of seven lab members, five of us students, plus two film student sound designers for post production. The project would not have been possible without our head of tech, Christopher LoBello. The film was first finished for the Samsung Gear VR. We premiered the first cut at Samsung Studio. Now Light as a Feather is available for Google Cardboard in the Google Play Store.