Move Me — The Mill


Two neopixel lighting sculptures for The Mill’s art exhibit, “Move Me” during AICP 2017.


Creative Technologist. On this project I was the lead technologist and creative asked to build the lighting installations envisioned by the creative director, Kinda Akash. This involved researching power distribution, endless hours of soldering and a lot of work with neopixels strips — how to connect them, house them, power them and mold them.

(NOTE: This video covers all of the projects at the event. There are snippets of the lighting installations I built, images of me soldering, AND I also happened to work on the wearable tech as part of another project on display, the biometric VR experience, Strata.)


Mill Move Me | A Day of Art, Technology & Discovery from The Mill on Vimeo.



The Way Finder was meant to help direct the attendees through the many interactive art projects on display at the “Move Me” event.




The neopixel abstract signage with the title of the event was created to greet attendees as they stepped off the elevator.




To read an exact breakdown of how I built the light sculptures beginning to end, please read my blog post!