Fugglers VR — Spin Master


Create a VR game, a registration app and a live event for Spin Master’s North American launch of the British toy, Fugglers.


Producer — I managed the design and technical creation from inception to launch of the HTC Pro-Vive VR game and the registration app. In addition, I managed the design and delivery of the print and social media images as well as promotional materials for the live event.



The game needed to include eight Fuggler characters — the eight Spin Master had chosen to give away at the live event. We developed narratives for each character and worked together with the creatives at Spin Master to make final decisions before we started the animation pipeline. A 3D modeler/animator in house at Current Studios created the models and added the rigging for the characters based on our discussions. He also built the digital set for the game. Then I hired Niko Films to create the animations and worked out a pipeline so the animations could easily be created by Niko and implemented in Unity 3D by Current Studios.

To make sure the animations and ideas would work for game play, I had an in house developer who had formerly worked in game design sit in on all of the creative meetings. He gave insight to the creatives with parameters for game mechanics. As a creative technologist myself, I also insisted on a minimum viable product as quickly as possible. This helped get the game on its feet early enough to ensure we had time to user test and debug before the live event. This included adding in three trackers to the environment for the feather fan, water gun and T-Rex grabby stick the player would use during the VR experience.

My responsibilities included budgeting, scheduling, managing all the teams involved in the project and ensuring all creative met high standards — including narratives, game play, 3D assets, animation assets and sound design. I also worked closely with the developers to solve all technical problems as we created the experience. I oversaw the work in Canada and managed the company hired to put together the live event in Austin.


I produced the creation of social media content, promotional materials, posters, clings and a mural. Here is some of the artwork: