0xc0face — Tezos


0xc0face is an art installation built for Art Basel — the first ever Machine Learning/NFT installation at the prestigious art show. Tezos and Huge brought on AV&C and artist Mario Klingemann to create six original pieces of machine learning artwork using computer vision to allow the guests to co-create unique pieces of art.

Once the QR code on the screen is scanned, the attendees are led through the experience. Guests are invited to move around in front of the camera, changing the dreamlike image on the screen/canvas for one of the six uniquely trained algorithms. Once they are happy with their co-creation, the experience leads them through the process of creating a Kukai wallet and minting their own original work as an NFT.


Hired by AV&C to produce the installation. The position involved overseeing internal software and hardware teams, as well as managing the design process, creating the UX, and combining the internal teams’ work with Mario Klingemann’s machine learning builds driving the screens. Tezos is an open source blockchain and Kukai wallet is a separate entity so the position also included overseeing disparate technology from numerous partners. 10,000+ people interacted with the experience, creating thousands of original NFTs.

AGENCY: Huge, PRODUCTION COMPANY: AV&C, ARTIST: Mario Klingemann (Quasimondo)